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Our family's internet business venture started in 2000 while we were stationed in Japan. A friend introduced us to eBay to buy or sell things online. I saw a potential to make some income.


While surfing online for homeschooling information, I struck upon the idea that I should create my own website to let people know of homeschooling and where to get educational products at bargain prices.

Also my desire was to share our Christian testimony to people worldwide. What better way to do it than through the internet! It started as a hobby! For two months, I learned how to  read and write html codes and built my first website on a free webspace. The only problem was that free hosting  came with ads not fit for a Christian website!

With my husband's blessing, I invested some money into paid web hosting, registered my own domain name, and purchased some web building tools. Back then, these services were still expensive. In one month, was born!

Several months later, I was approached by several family-friendly companies to advertise on my site for a fee. That opportunity for an extra income gave birth to more websites and business ideas.

Most homeschooling families live only on one income. Often, Moms stay home to teach their children while Dads are the the sole financial providers. I know from my own experience that Moms desire to help supplement their families income. For the last 5 years, I learned that this is possible while homeschooling. It has been a learning and rewarding experience for me.

I want to share with you ideas that have helped me start and grow our family's internet home business. I want to share practical Work-At-Home Resources for Homeschooling Moms. Great ideas to  help you start or grow your own home business. Resource and Support Center For Moms With Businesses I recently embarked on a new project. Please visit my new website site . This website's mission is to provide ideas, support, and encouragement to stay-at-home Moms (or even Dads) who already own a business or looking to start a home-based business.

May God grant your heart's desire to provide abundantly for your family and may He give you wisdom in financial and business stewardship


Bing Howard

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