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Deuteronomy 6:5-9

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by Bing Howard


First and foremost, thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for dying on the cross to save me and my husband from our sins and death. Our lives have been changed forever.

My most heartfelt thanks to the following people and services. They are the ones who really deserve the credit for making this website possible.


  • Bert - my husband, my best-friend, my lifetime partner: for encouraging me to homeschool my children and to proceed with our homeschooling ministry on the internet; and for being my English editor and proofreader. If you read something that does not sound quite right, it must be that my husband has not checked that page. Bert is also my answerman whenever I receive challenging theological questions.

  • My kids, Brian and Elijah for being so patient with Mommy when I am busy on the computer and for doing their homeschooling work without complaints. You are the reason why we have a homeschooling website in the first place! Homeschooling works!

  • All our Christian friends and homeschooling families in the states and overseas for the encouragement and inspiration. Hanging out and talking with you always give me an idea as to what I should write for my next web page.

  • All the Banner Exchanges, search engines and FFAs that give us free advertising.

  • The following sites for their awesome Free graphics.


  • XSitePro - The most awesome WYSIWYG Web Builder! Website creation does not take me days any more! 
  • The many webhosts I had over the years for giving me many good and bad webhosting experiences! Special thanks to Tripod Lycos free hosting for providing my practice platform to learn web design and html.  For my current hosts and for a reliable and service so far.
  • The most inexpensive but quality domain name registration service of and also great domains by
  • Visitors who took time to sign our guestbook, post messages, send feedback, report errors and dead links, e-mailed suggestions, questions and encouragement, sent prayer requests, and offered to pray for our family and ministry.
  • And finally, all the homeschooling links, educational sites, ministries, and related resources that are listed in our site. Without you, we wouldn't have anything to write about and our pages will be empty!



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