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The first book that we read from cover-to-cover was Home Schooling, The Right Choice by Christopher Klicka. At that time, our oldest son was 6 and we were moving to Japan. We were told that the US Department Of Defense (DOD) school system there was very good so we thought we should place him in that school system once we got there. However, Mr. Klicka's book prompted us to stick to homeschooling. Then it seemed that God affirmed our decision to homeschool in Japan when we actually met Mr. Klicka at a homeschooling conference in  Yokosuka, Japan that year! Our son is now 13 years old, and we are still homeschooling!

For nine (9) years, reading about other homeschooler's experiences have kept our family motivated to stay focused on our goals and purposes of why we homeschool. It's like having a personal support group at home. Every book provides nuggets of wisdom and encouragement. Every homeschooler should invest time in reading at least one of these timeless books. Just think how much wisdom and encouragement you can get from reading several books! 
Here are just a few of the many popular books on homeschooling. These resources are specially helpful for new homeschoolers, packed with encouragement, information on how to get started and where to find materials and information. The homeschooling movement has become a growth phenomenon! As a result, many books have been written about homeschooling by education experts and experienced homeschoolers. Information is now readily available in print as well as on the internet and other forms of media.
  • Christian Home Educators' Curriculum Manual Christian Home Educators' Curriculum Manual - by Cathy Duffy. The premiere guide for choosing homeschool curriculum for grades K-6. For beginners or veterans, Cathy helps you wade through the curriculum jungle to choose what's right for each of your children. Reviews of hundreds of books, games, videos, computer programs, parent helps, and much, much more for all subjects. Cathy Duffy is the author of the two-volume Christian Home Educators' Curriculum Manual, Government Nannies, and numerous articles that have appeared in magazines on home education and other subjects. She is an internationally acclaimed speaker at seminars and conferences in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. She home educated her own three sons all the way through high school.

  • For the Children's Sake For the Children's Sake - by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay. For the Children's Sake is a book which can help every parent and teacher awaken the young minds of their children and give them a new richness, stability, and joy for living. It shows what education can be--for your child, in your home, and in your school. It is based first on a Christian understanding of what it means to be human and on the Christian meaning of life.

  • Home Schooling, The Right Choice by Christopher Klicka - This is the number one resource for home schooling that belongs on every parent's reference shelf.

  • Homeschooling: The Early Years: Your Complete Guide to Successfully Homeschooling the 3- to 8- Year-Old Child - by Linda Dobson, Jamie Miller (Editor). The formative years are the most critical to a child's education. They lay the foundation for developing learning skills that last a lifetime. For that reason, homeschooling during those early years takes on considerable importance to parents dissatisfied with traditional schools. Because of the unique challenges (and opportunities) of teaching the very young child at home, author Linda Dobson offers smart solutions to help every parent get off to the right start in this endeavor.

  • Home to School - by Llewellyn Davis. Going Home to School explains why so many Christians have chosen to educate their own children at home. Chapters cover the history of the secular public school movement (with original quotes from the founders-- ideas unknown to most Americans), and an analysis of the difference between the humanistic and the Christian worldview of raising and educating children. A must-read for any parent considering homeschooling

  • How to Homeschool : A Practical Approach - by Gayle Graham. Here is a practical "how-to" guide for those new to homeschooling who may be frustrated or just plain confused. Gayle Graham covers planning and organizing, teaching reading, writing, and math, evaluating curriculum, record-keeping and more.

  • Survivor's Guide to Home SchoolingSurvivor's Guide to Home Schooling - by Luanne Shackelford and Susan White. Written with wisdom, candor and humor, the authors share the situations, solutions, successes, and yes, even the failures home teachers face. The text offers practical suggestions, support, and encouragement, all in light of Scriptural guidelines. A Survivor's Guide to Home Schooling offers practical suggestions, support, and encouragement for those who have undertaken to teach their children at home-- all in light of Scriptural guidelines.

  • The Big Book of Home The Big Book of Home Learning :... - Mary Pride has researched tons of educational products and compiled her findings for preschool and elementary products in this book. Countless homeschoolers have tusted her philosophy of teaching and conclusions. She has saved many home educators years of hunting for good educational supplies.

  • coverThe Christian Home School - by Gregg Harris. The Christian Home School is a classic, easy-to-read introduction that has led thousands of families into home schooling. Topics include why to home school, how to get started, answers to socialization questions, curriculum choices, and much more. The new 1995 edition includes up-to-date information and a new chapter on Delight Directed Study.

  • The Homeschooling Book of Answers : The 88 Most Important Questions Answered by Homeschooling's Most Respected Voices - There are over 1.2 million children being taught at home. Their parents, however, lack the support and help most parents receive from their kids' school. As a result, homeschooling parents hunger for answers to the most frequently recurring questions. Linda Dobson provides those answers here by enlisting the help of the 40 most respected names in the field. In this essential guide, the author of "The Art of Education" answers--with the help of 30 top experts--the important questions that all homeschooling parents, or those thinking about it, need to know.

  • The Home Schooling Mother : A Mom Just Like You - by Vickie Farris, Jayme Farris. Let's face it...the bulk of home schooling falls on mom's shoulders. Although very rewarding, it is not an easy task. No one knows this better than home schooling mother of 10, Vickie Farris. Through her warm, practical style, Farris, will fill you with encouragement and practical suggestions for those days when the challenge seems overwhelming. And for those thinking of embarking on the home school adventure, she offers her insights gleaned from years of experience, giving confidence and resolve. After all, she's a mom just like you. Hey can do it! Vickie Farris is the mother of ten home-schooled children, ranging in age from twenty-four to three years of age. In 1997, she received the National Homemaker of the Year award from Eagle Forum. Vickie also leads the women's ministry in her church. She is married to Michael Farris, President of Home School Legal Defense Association. She and her family live outside the village of Lincoln, Virginia.

  • Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling... - The award-winning, best seller The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling has become an indispensable manual for every family involved in home-based learning. New features include an expanded resource guide, help for teaching middle school and high school, up-to-date information on technology and online learning plus the latest innovations homeschoolers are developing around the country. And the bonus is this edition includes a CD-Rom with the entire text of the book, a built-in browser and hyperlinks...

  • You Can Teach Your Child SuccessfullyYou Can Teach Your Child Successfully :... - by Ruth Beechick. Ruth Beechick presents easy-to-implement ideas for the home educator. Her thoughts on living books, copywork, dictation, and writing merge effectively with the Charlotte Mason approach. This book will help you gain confidence in your abilities as a home educator.

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