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NEWS ALERT: Identity Theft Concerns

There Are Now Over 200 Million Data Breaches! A Chronology of Data Breaches Reported Since the ChoicePoint Incident

Data of 26.5 Million US Veterans have been stolen. Read about it at:

CNN and other major news agencies have been alerting the public about it at: .
Active-duty personnel information among data stolen:
2.2 million active-duty military, Guard and Reserve personnel — not just 50,000:,2933,198464,00.html
My husband was a career Naval Aviator for 23 years. His father was a veteran for over 28 years. You probably have relatives and friends who are in the service and/or who used to be in the service.
According to authorities, the laptop containing the VA data has been recovered. However, it is still unclear what has been done to this laptop, where it's been, who had it after it was stolen!
For information on the real threat of Identity Theft and what you can do to minimize your risk, please visit the Federal Trade Commission's website and other links:
As an affordable alternative to the 46 page FTC's Fighting Back Against ID Theft booklet, there is an existing low-cost identity theft monitoring and restoration service that can help you with potential legal and identity theft problems. We have been members of this service since June 2005 and were very relieved to have had the service when we received the news about the loss of the VA data.  We highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!
God Bless,
Bing Howard


American Ex-Prisoners of War Organization
Site contains information on entitlements, medical research, over 200 biographies of ex-POWs. Photos, stories and ads searching for former POWs.
American Merchant Marine Veterans, Juan De Fuca Chapter
Intended to educate the general public as to the important services rendered to our country all these many years by those who have served in both the U.S. Merchant Marine and U.S. Maritime Services. Based in Carlsborg, Washington.
Berlin Airlift Veterans Association
A non-profit organization of men and women who served on the Berlin Airlift from its beginning in 1948 until its termination in 1949.
Coalition of Retired Military Veterans
Works in federal courts to restore medical benefits to veterans. Offers mission statement, membership information, links to local chapters, and news.
Cold War Veterans Association
Lobbies for veterans' benefits, educates the public about the Cold War, and provides a fraternal community for Cold War veterans. Press releases, news, and discussion forum.
Foundation for American Veterans
A nonprofit organization providing various benefits for veterans including a database, classifieds, a conference center, and links.
Freedom Through Vigilance Association
The FTVA is an association that supports the U.S. Air Force's Air Intelligence Agency and provides a channel for current and ex USAFSS/ESC/AFIC and AIA personnel to remain in touch.
Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation
Provides assistance to homeless and near homeless veterans by providing shelter, food, clothing and many other needed services.
IRS Veterans Association at Ogden, Utah
US Military Veterans at the IRS Ogden Service Center.
Italian American War Veterans Of The United States
Established to aid and assist veterans and their families, promote patriotism, civic welfare, and other objectives. Open to all U.S. war veterans.
Legion of Valor
Recipients of the Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross, and the Air Force Cross. Comprised of veterans of W.W.II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and Somalia.
NABVETS - National Association for Black Veterans, Inc.
Veterans Service Organization and United States Department of Veterans Affairs claims representative.
Ohio Amvets Information
News, Information, Products and Services for anyone interested in Military, Veterans or Military collectibles.
The Chicano Veterans Organization
A self-interest group of veterans addressing hemispheric business and politics, economic development, employment, and issues and concerns important to the national community of veterans.
The National Infantry Association
National organization providing services and contacts to the entire Infantry Branch, also aiming to preserve the Infantry heritage through support of the National Infantry Museum.
The National Veterans Organization of America
Useful site for veterans seeking information on claims processing, NVOA email lists, attorneys and full reference (CFR, M21, COVA).
United Veterans of America
For all Veterans. Dedicated to strengthening and preserving the traditions, values and benefits of military service. Open to all active duty or honorably discharged veterans of military service in the Armed Forces of the United States during peace time or war.
Veterans for Common Sense
Includes a mailing list, volunteer opportunities, news, war stories, and membership information.
Veterans for Unification
A grassroots organization dedicated to saving the VA hospital system and restoring quality care and benefits for all veterans.
Veterans of U.S. Military Liaison Mission
A non-profit organization created for the enjoyment of its members in their pursuit of preserving and studying the history of this distinguished U.S. military unit. Site includes images, suggested reading and reunion information.
Veterans Resource Network Association
A non-profit association for veterans from all branches of the U.S. military, offering advocacy, discounts and education about Veterans Administration policy and benefits.

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black-arrow-01_R Related Page:  US Military, DOD, US Government Links - For US Military Members and Their Families



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