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Lefties or Left-handed Kids LEFTIES OR LEFT-HANDED KIDS

By Bing Howard

Here are some sites of interest for Lefties/Left-Handed Kids - how to teach "lefties" how to write and where to get the materials and other information.

We are not experts in this area of learning, our household is full of right-handed people. However, we do have a few relatives in the US and the Philippines that are left-handed and they seem to be the most brilliant thinkers in our family. 

We know that lefties are just as special to God as right-handed people are. We dedicate this portion of our site to Dad, an accomplished leftie, and to our special young friend Lauren Winnenberg, a very energetic and talented leftie.

  • Anything Left Handed - we have been providing left-handed products and information for lefthanders since 1968 and have over 250 products that will make a real difference for you.

  • Educators Publishing Service - Publishes Cursive Writing Skills by Diana Hanbury King in both right-handed and left-handed editions. Make sure you specify which you are ordering. The left-handed student is taught a "backhand" cursive. EPS publishes other educational materials and they can be ordered online.

  • Famous Left Handers: M.K. Holder's list of left-handed actors, artists, authors, musicians, athletes, politicians, U.S. presidents, and historical figures.

  • Guitar Stop: Left Handed Guitars and Basses

  • John Ritter's List of Famous & Creative Lefties

  • Left 'n' Write Worcester offers advice and products for parents and teachers of left-handed children, as well as a new UK Government-endorsed training video - LeftHanded Children - A Guide for Teachers and Parents.

  • Left-Handed But Not Left Behind - A thorough and comprehensive book for teaching the left-handed student.  A lefty herself, Annie Thomassen provides the most up-to-date research and information on left-handedness that puts south paw rumors and myths to rest, valuable information on how to nurture and teach the left-handed child in a right-hand dominant society and a writing method just for lefties.

  • - Welcome to the wonderful world of Lefty!® Everything left handers want, need or would like to have. The Country's Largest Selection of Products Provided Exclusively for Lefties.

  • The Left Hand: Left-handed, The Left Hand - your Source for a wide variety of lefthanded products

  • The Left-Handed Writers Page  - Awesome information for lefties on handwriting. Offering nib repair and customization on vintage and modern fountain pens. Since 1990. A.K.A. Classic Fountain Pens and Mottishaw Nibworks. Other pen repair available.

  • The Lefty Shop, was first opened in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1975 by my father George Gledhill. The Lefty Shop is still family owned business now expanding to reach new markets with our online store so we can bring peace and harmony to southpaws throughout the world.

Please email us to suggest a link or make corrections.

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